How to restore potency at any age

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If you want to restore potency, it is best to use a comprehensive approach. You can start using specialized medications, which are available at But there are other techniques that will help you not just get rid of symptoms, and cure erectile dysfunction.

Psychotherapeutic help

If a man experiences excitement in purely sexual situations, but complains about the lack of an erection during sex, we can safely talk about the psychological causes of the disease. The sources of difficulties in bed can be unsuccessful first sexual intercourse, lack of understanding with a constant partner, uncertainty about the fact that the penis is of sufficient size for good sex. Remove these problems will help a qualified psychotherapist, who will prompt the effective in each case, methods. Often there is no need for medication. However, to maintain the result, as a rule, are assigned means to improve erections.  

Medication, vacuum therapy and massage

Medication therapy itself is necessary in cases where erectile dysfunction is due to any hormonal disturbances or insufficient conduction of impulses on the neurons. As a rule, this method of treatment is used in tandem with vacuum therapy or drugs to improve potency. Also, an effective method is a special massage. It improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs and helps to relieve stress. Here we should also mention Kegel exercises, with the help of which the perineal muscles are trained.

Shock-wave method

A popular and productive option is the shockwave treatment of sexual impotence. This method is aimed at the growth of new blood vessels with the help of acoustic waves. Typically, the effect is noticeable as early as two weeks after the start of procedures. Shockwave therapy has no contraindications, and in combination with medication treatment provides truly miraculous results. 

The right way of life 

However, speaking of the complex method of combating erectile dysfunction, it is impossible not to mention several other factors that are observed quite often, and which can be eliminated by one’s own efforts. The state of the body as a whole and the ability to perform a full sexual act in particular affects such nuances as proper nutrition, regular exercise, healthy sleep, the lack of prolonged stressful situations. Therefore, if you feel that the above items slightly fall short of the norm, it is advisable to adjust your lifestyle. And you will always have time to start taking erectile dysfunction. 

If you want to quickly restore the potency, it makes sense to visit and choose a specialized medication. This option may be the most convenient because it will help you to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction quickly. The disadvantage of this method is that in this case you will just get rid of the symptom, but not treat the disease itself. So it is recommended to use several effective methods in parallel and also to reconsider your lifestyle.

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