Equipment for manufacturing of air ducts

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Quality air ducts can be manufactured only if modern equipment meets the requirements of current standards. Its model range allows you to choose machines for small or large production, taking into account the nominal capacity and power of the equipment. You can find online multifunctional machines and automatic lines for the production of ventilation ducts – the best solution to improve quality and increase the speed of sheet metal processing while significantly reducing the number of manual operations.

The main advantages of equipment for the manufacture of air ducts

Equipment for the production of air ducts, which you can find on the website, has many advantages:

  1. One machine performs the functions of several units, providing high accuracy of metal processing and high productivity at each stage;
  2. The whole technological process from the uncoiling of the coils to the assembly of the duct elements is easily controlled by one operator;
  3. The multifunctional metal-working equipment intended for manufacturing of the air ducts of a certain type (rectangular, round) takes much less space than a machine park consisting of narrow specialized units;
  4. The system allows us to minimize the percentage of defects due to accurate compliance with the specified parameters.

Equipment for ventilation air ducts manufacturing offers complete solutions for ventilation air ducts manufacturing by supplying, apart from specialized equipment, also welding and forging-press equipment, which is also used in this production. Such a combination of machines and technologies is the best option for companies engaged in serial production of ventilation systems.


The main elements of equipment for the production of air ducts are machines for bending and cutting metal sheets. As a rule, these are rollers, guillotine devices, etc. For curvilinear cutting of metal for the manufacture of communications non-standard shape will require plasma cutting lines. The quality of the finished elements determine the nuances of the surface treatment of products, which can be done on specialized equipment. Experts talk about the need to purchase a range of devices – only in this case, the finished product will be competitive, reliable and safe.

If the production produces ducts of rectangular cross-section, for them it is necessary to buy special sheet benders or automatic lines with a hydraulic principle of action. With its help, it is possible to perform work on a turnkey basis – from bending the sheet to cutting off the finished product. Circular ducts are made on spiral coiling machines. If shaped products need to be manufactured, roll forming machines, welding equipment, zigmash machines or equipment for assembling segmented bends are required. Acquisition and use of a full set of equipment – a guarantee of high productivity and quality of construction.

Equipment for manufacture of galvanized steel ducts

Catalog of site allows you to find and choose a suitable machine for the manufacture of galvanized steel ducts at a bargain price. Before placing an order it is necessary to specify the basic parameters of the equipment – the thickness of the processed metal sheets and the maximum length of the straight section of future communications. Specialists are ready to answer all questions and choose a machine with regard to your requirements or – on the basis of the proposed technical specifications.

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